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1. maryotwx wrote at 11.10.2011 - 15:33 hours
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2. humanetigor wrote at 26.05.2011 - 18:21 hours
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(attention, it is not the ad of the site - it is the ad of the Truth).
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3. talsenusaks wrote at 19.12.2010 - 19:07 hours
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4. Joe Megara wrote at 29.11.2010 - 06:22 hours
Jon, I've known you since high school and though reading your "bio" I feel like I never knew you. funny how in reading about who you really were then, I think we could have been better friends. We actually aren't that dissimilar. I also have to wonder as to why in my life I "found" you again as a friend on FaceBook of all places. but, I do have to say, that without knowing why, you have inspired me to be myself and to grow from that. I wish you all the success in the world. Despite what you might think of your career now, I now that I am absolutely proud to say that I at least personally "know" someone who has a a link on IMDB.com lol. I almost wish you lived closer to where we grew up. i would actually look forward to being your friend again. Distance and obligations suck though and make that difficult. I hope my message about you inspiring my life in turn can inspire yours in some way. Good Luck. If you need anything, just email me. Joe.
Homepage: not entered   Email: jmegara[AT]comcast.net

5. MarketingWomany wrote at 27.11.2010 - 15:52 hours
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Always yours,
miss MW
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6. Ho-Seung wrote at 14.05.2009 - 17:07 hours
Yo Jonathon!!!
Its Ho-Seung LEE from College - Reves~
I find you on facebook and wham... nice website... and very nice story :)
Anyways keep up the good work / spirit.
Your friend in Vienna (Austria),
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: hoseung[AT]yahoo.com

7. Betina Chan wrote at 25.04.2007 - 21:12 hours
Congrats on the launch of the new project.. I'm forwarding your premiere announcement to some folks I know in NYC. Let me know if it makes it out to the Bay Area.

Good Luck!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: ichantbean[AT]gmail.com

8. chau wrote at 18.02.2007 - 06:05 hours
well, you're not going to cairo if you don't meet the new march 23rd due date!
Homepage: not entered   Email: c_t_nguyen[AT]yahoo.com

9. jgaller wrote at 08.01.2007 - 21:07 hours
the second guy's headshots looks like an older you in the way he seems a bit weathered and rough. he also looks a bit like DeNiro. best wishes always.
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10. Chau wrote at 04.01.2007 - 19:15 hours
HAPPY 2007. Keep pushing it along.
Homepage: not entered   Email: c_t_nguyen[AT]yahoo.com

11. Chau wrote at 21.06.2006 - 20:13 hours
Hey there,
Love all the pictures, good lookin'.

Love, Chau
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12. Nancy wrote at 30.03.2006 - 04:02 hours
Hey J,
What about your side job? Roadie/sound tech extrodonaire!!
Love ya,
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: nancyb[AT]supersounddj.com

13. Chris De Oni wrote at 02.02.2006 - 07:38 hours
Jonathan, This I am sure of...You have the making of a great writer. Acting as you know is a crapshoot with a lot of determining factors involved. Your bio is Hemingwayesque!
Homepage: not entered   Email: qben20[AT]aol.com

14. tami wrote at 01.08.2005 - 22:24 hours
hola, so David Boreanaz, really?
I kinda think you look more like a relative of Scott Bakula... hrm.
Homepage: not entered   Email: tgebhardt[AT]kpmg.com

15. Denise (Caroline's friend) wrote at 24.07.2005 - 21:37 hours
I want to say bravo for such an outstanding performance in your latest project “12 Angriest Women.” You showed great range from the comedic to the dramatic in the scenes “Happy” and “Daddy Believes in Aliens,” respectively. You’re a fun, energetic and down to earth person with the charming ability to draw people in on and off stage
Homepage: not entered   Email: cherryontop419[AT]aol.com

16. Chris wrote at 16.05.2005 - 00:27 hours
Nice website Jon. You look fantabulous.
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17. Duncan wrote at 04.05.2005 - 22:11 hours
Saw 12 Angrier Womenlast Monday, very funny stuff. You were amusing in the bar afterward, as well.

Hope to see you in something where you're not in drag AND are working with people who know their lines at the same time.

Duncan (the homo who plays the uke)
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: duncan[AT]superpickle.com

18. Madison Rose G. wrote at 27.02.2005 - 04:04 hours
I look forward to meeting you in person. I have heard so much about you. I like the new headshots. They looks like how my dad remembers you, and how he feels. Best wishes always.
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19. Omar wrote at 24.01.2005 - 05:18 hours
OMG!!! Is this David Boreanaz's brothers site???? OMG!!! Like OMG!!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: www.cameltrooper.blogspot.com

20. Caroline wrote at 19.10.2004 - 21:57 hours
It was fun working with you, and break a leg on the show tonight, I'm probably going to stop byt to see it. ;)
Homepage: not entered   Email: citichik[AT]gmail.com

21. J Galler wrote at 03.10.2004 - 17:47 hours
Nice. You are a very talented person. This site provides great insight. Best wishes.
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22. Viengkeo wrote at 28.09.2004 - 21:50 hours
Nice Job! Good luck with the play. Hope to see you again real soon. The boys miss you ;)

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: vtzong[AT]yahoo.com

23. Warren C Redfern Jr wrote at 28.09.2004 - 03:35 hours
Nice site, good to hear from you. Hope you make it to Richmond soon!
Homepage: not entered   Email: crumpjunior[AT]aol.com

24. Adarsh wrote at 28.09.2004 - 01:39 hours
Jon --> I'm really proud of you stud! Seeing this site up-to-date is key. Don't forget to keep focused and and more importantly keep smiling!!! Just let me know when I can get an autograph.

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: adarsh_doshi[AT]yahoo.com

25. Jennifer wrote at 21.09.2004 - 22:04 hours
I like the upgrades to the site. You know the window into your mind is my favorite part. While it probably frightens most normal people, you know I'm far from normal.
Kisses & Hugs, Jen
Homepage: not entered   Email: jennifermedes[AT]comcast.net

26. QueenJean wrote at 17.09.2004 - 18:46 hours
Awww, don't you look suave and handsome??
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27. Thomas W. Weirich wrote at 16.09.2004 - 01:52 hours
May you live the Full Life - Pleasant, Engaged, and Meaningful.
Love, Dad
Homepage: not entered   Email: duckhouse17[AT]msn.com

28. Sean Wheeler wrote at 04.09.2004 - 19:28 hours
Great website, Jonathan! You're a terrific actor, and I'm glad you're using this site to further your intellectual pursuits as well as your artistic goals.
Homepage: not entered   Email: sewheele[AT]hotmail.com

29. Chau wrote at 24.08.2004 - 22:46 hours
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: c_t_nguyen[AT]yahoo.com

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